Mixin, a layer-2 solution with support for 41 blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Polkadot, etc., announced it has developed a new Telegram bot:  MixinWalletBot, which is designed to help Telegram users transfer and store cryptocurrencies.

The MixinWalletBot has several benefits:

Easy-to-Use – Users manage assets with a 6-digit PIN.
Diverse – Mixin supports 41 chains and enables users to manage all assets with one wallet.
Free & Instant – Transactions between MixinWalletBot users and Mixin users are free and instant.
Security – Assets are safely stored on the Mixin Network, protected by the 37 full nodes.

For more information on how and why to use MixinWalletBot, see the video below:

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